Revelation: The End of Days
Revelation: The End of Days
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Revelation: The End of Days

A combination documentary/first person fictional interpretation loosely based on the rapture/judgment day from the bible.


Revelation: The End of Days is a captivating documentary-style film that offers a unique blend of fact and fiction, loosely based on the biblical concept of the rapture and judgment day. This thought-provoking movie takes viewers on a thrilling journey, combining expert interviews, historical perspectives, and first-person fictional interpretations.

Tackling one of the most anticipated events in religious history, Revelation: The End of Days explores the profound idea of the end of the world as we know it. It delves into the biblical prophecies and scriptures surrounding the rapture and the final judgment, while also incorporating dramatic reenactments to bring these events to life.

The film presents a diverse range of viewpoints, featuring interviews with scholars, experts, and theologians who offer insightful analysis and interpretations. Their thought-provoking discussions shed light on the significance of this eschatological phenomenon and its possible implications for humanity.

In addition to the insightful interviews, Revelation: The End of Days seamlessly weaves in a fictional narrative centered around several individuals experiencing the end times. These personal accounts create an emotional connection with the audience, allowing them to witness the impact of these apocalyptic events on ordinary people.

With its expertly crafted combination of documentary-style storytelling and fictional narratives, Revelation: The End of Days engages viewers with its captivating exploration of the rapture and judgment day, providing a unique and thought-provoking viewing experience.

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Revelation: The End of Days

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29 Dec 2014


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