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A young Mexican man's dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime at the hottest resort in Acapulco. But he soon realizes the job is far more ...complicated than he ever imagined. Show More


Acapulco is a thrilling and heartfelt series that follows the journey of a young Mexican man named Alex as his dream becomes a reality when he lands the job of a lifetime at the most popular resort in Acapulco. Set in the vibrant and idyllic Mexican coastal town, this series promises excitement and intrigue.

However, Alex quickly discovers that his dream job is far more challenging than he anticipated. Faced with unexpected complications, he must navigate through a world of secrets, scandals, and hidden agendas. As he tries to keep the resort running smoothly, Alex finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and danger.

Filled with stunning landscapes, realistic characters, and gripping storylines, Acapulco offers a unique blend of drama, comedy, and mystery. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they uncover the dark secrets that threaten to unravel Alex's newfound paradise.

With its captivating plot and charismatic cast, Acapulco is a must-watch series that will leave audiences craving more. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Alex's journey unfolds in the picturesque setting of Acapulco.

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08 Oct 2021


Eduardo Cisneros, Jason Shuman, Austin Winsberg


2 wins & 13 nominations