Beyond Paradise
Beyond Paradise
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Beyond Paradise

DI Humphrey Goodman takes up post in Devon. But with a high crime rate, maybe things will be louder than expected.


In the TV movie Beyond Paradise (2023–), DI Humphrey Goodman finds himself taking on a new post in the vibrant county of Devon. However, he quickly realizes that this seemingly idyllic paradise may have a darker side lurking beneath its picturesque exterior. With a notoriously high crime rate, Humphrey's expectations for a laid-back assignment are shattered, and he must navigate the complexities of the local criminal underworld.

Set in an undisclosed timeframe, the plot of Beyond Paradise revolves around Humphrey's investigations, as he tackles a series of complex and intriguing cases. With the ever-present threat of danger looming and the pressure to solve crimes mounting, Humphrey's skills as a detective are put to the ultimate test.

As the story unfolds, viewers can expect an immersive and gripping experience, characterized by intricate storytelling and a strong emphasis on character development. DI Humphrey Goodman is portrayed as a relatable and determined protagonist, who is dedicated to seeking justice for the victims of crime.

With its intriguing premise and the promise of compelling performances, Beyond Paradise offers audiences an exciting blend of crime-solving and character-driven narratives. This TV movie is sure to captivate viewers and keep them on the edge of their seats as they journey through the underbelly of a seemingly perfect paradise.

Also Known As:

Beyond Paradise

Release Date:

23 Feb 2023


Tony Jordan, Robert Thorogood


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