Black Knight
Black Knight
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Black Knight

A legendary delivery driver "5-8" with exceptional battle skills And a refugee "Sawol" who dreams of following in his footsteps.


Black Knight is an action-packed film set in a dystopian world where a legendary delivery driver named 5-8 possesses extraordinary battle skills. Alongside him is Sawol, a refugee who aspires to become just like his hero. The plot follows their journey as they navigate through a dangerous and treacherous landscape, encountering various obstacles and adversaries.

The film showcases breathtaking action sequences as 5-8 and Sawol's team up, utilizing their skills to fight against powerful enemies. As they progress, the duo uncovers a hidden conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of society, and they must race against time to save themselves and their world.

Black Knight explores themes of heroism, resilience, and the pursuit of justice in a harsh and unforgiving reality. The audience will be enthralled by the dynamic chemistry between the two protagonists, played by talented actors who bring depth and emotional authenticity to their roles.

With stunning visual effects and an adrenaline-fueled storyline, Black Knight promises to be a thrilling and immersive cinematic experience. Fans of action-packed movies will be captivated by the intense battles and high-stakes challenges the characters face. Prepare to be transported to a gritty and dangerous world where bravery and determination reign supreme.

Also Known As:

Black Knight

Release Date:

12 May 2023