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Breaking Bad
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Breaking Bad

When chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. He lives w...ith his teenage son, who has cerebral palsy, and his wife, in New Mexico. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. He proves to be remarkably proficient in this new world as he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with one of his former students. The series tracks the impacts of a fatal diagnosis on a regular, hard working man, and explores how a fatal diagnosis affects his morality and transforms him into a major player of the drug trade. Show More


Breaking Bad is a critically acclaimed and highly addictive crime drama series that follows the life of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Walter is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a short time to live, he decides to take drastic measures to secure his family's financial future. With his former student, Jesse Pinkman, as his partner, Walter starts manufacturing and selling methamphetamine.

As the series progresses, we witness Walter's transformation from a mild-mannered and law-abiding citizen into a ruthless and calculating criminal. The show explores the moral dilemmas Walter faces as he becomes deeply entangled in the dangerous world of drugs and crime. It also delves into the consequences of his actions on his family and personal relationships.

Breaking Bad is known for its intense storytelling, complex characters, and gritty realism. It is a character-driven series that delves into the depths of human nature and the lengths people will go to in order to protect their loved ones.

With its stellar performances, gripping plotlines, and masterful writing, Breaking Bad has become a cult classic and has gained a massive following of devoted fans. This critically acclaimed series is a must-watch for anyone seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking television experience.

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Breaking Bad

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20 Jan 2008


Vince Gilligan


Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 144 wins & 225 nominations.