Buying Blind
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Buying Blind

Would you hand over your entire life savings to complete strangers? Six couples do just that on the new high-risk property series Buying Blind, which ...follows them on the biggest journey of their lives to find a dream home. Hosted ... Show More


on the streaming service is the high-risk property series Buying Blind. The show takes viewers on an adventurous journey as six brave couples entrust their life savings to complete strangers in search of their dream home.

Each episode of Buying Blind features a different couple who are tired of the exhausting and stressful process of house hunting. They hand over their life savings to a team of experts, including a real estate agent, a builder, and an interior designer, who then surprise them with their new home. The catch? The couples have no say in the property selection or design choices.

Hosted by a charismatic and knowledgeable presenter, the show offers a thrilling blend of suspense and entertainment. As the couples embark on this risky adventure, tension rises and emotions run high. Will the experts understand their preferences and find them a home they truly love? Or will the couples be left disappointed and regretful?

Buying Blind is not just a unique take on the typical house hunting show, but also a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the couples put their entire trust in strangers and hope for the best. With each episode presenting a new couple and their distinct story, this addictive series is sure to captivate viewers looking for a thrilling and unpredictable viewing experience.

Also Known As:

Buying Blind

Release Date:

05 Jun 2018