Buying It Blind
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Buying It Blind

This series will follow different couples, from in and around Atlanta, GA., that can't decide, or can't agree, on what kind of home to buy. At a point, they decide to take a radical step and blindly hand the decision - an... Show More


Buying It Blind is a captivating reality TV series that revolves around couples in Atlanta, Georgia, who are struggling to make a decision on purchasing a home. Frustrated and at their wit's end, they take a bold step and entrust the life-changing decision to a team of experts. The twist is that they will have no say in the process, making this a blind adventure.

The couples put their trust in a team of experts, which includes a real estate agent, a contractor, and an interior designer. These professionals are given the daunting task of finding, buying, and renovating a dream home that suits each couple's individual needs and desires - all without consulting them. With a blank check to work with, the experts guide the couples through every step, from house hunting to closing the deal.

As the couples eagerly await the big reveal, tensions rise and emotions run high. Will the experts succeed in finding the perfect home that aligns with the couples' tastes and preferences? Or will the blind experiment prove disastrous? From disagreements over style to battles of compromise, each episode is filled with drama, challenges, and unexpected surprises that keep viewers hooked.

Buying It Blind offers an exciting and suspenseful look into the world of real estate, showcasing the highs and lows of the home-buying process with a twist. Don't miss this thrilling series that explores the age-old question: can you truly buy a home blind?

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Buying It Blind