Cornwall Air 999
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Cornwall Air 999

Documentary series giving an insight into the world of the helicopter pilots and paramedics providing critical care to the most seriously sick and inj...ured people in Cornwall. Show More


Cornwall Air 999 is a captivating documentary series that offers viewers a unique glimpse into the challenging yet essential work of helicopter pilots and paramedics in Cornwall. Providing critical care during emergencies, they strive to save the lives of the most seriously sick and injured individuals in the region.

Through remarkable storytelling and stunning visuals, this series immerses audiences in the adrenaline-fueled world of emergency response. Witness the incredible skills and unwavering determination of these courageous professionals as they face life-or-death situations every day.

The show explores the incredible teamwork and coordination required to execute successful rescues, showcasing the impressive abilities of the pilots and paramedics who work seamlessly together. Gain insights into the intricate planning and swift decision-making that goes into each mission, highlighting the immense pressure and dedication these heroes experience.

Accompanied by expert commentary, the series also provides informative and educational elements. Discover the advanced medical techniques and technology employed by the on-board paramedics, as they utilize their expertise to provide critical care during air transport.

Cornwall Air 999 is a captivating and gripping series that delves into the courageous exploits of real-life heroes, who selflessly put themselves in harm's way to save others. Prepare for an emotional and awe-inspiring journey alongside these dedicated professionals as they navigate the skies and face countless challenges to provide critical care in Cornwall.

Also Known As:

Cornwall Air 999

Release Date:

03 Nov 2020