El Conde
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El Conde

Centers on Augusto Pinochet who is not dead but an aged vampire. After living 250 years in this world, he has decided to die once and for all.


El Conde (2023) revolves around the intriguing and captivating character of Augusto Pinochet, who is not dead, but rather an aged vampire. Having existed in this world for an astonishing 250 years, Pinochet grapples with a momentous decision - to finally end his immortal existence.

This dark and enthralling film takes viewers on a journey into the depths of Pinochet's complex psyche as he grapples with his eternal life. The storyline explores his internal conflicts amidst the backdrop of his vampiric identity. The audience will be treated to a unique perspective on Pinochet's life and the implications of his immortality.

As the film unravels, audiences will be immersed in a world where Pinochet's thirst for power and control takes on new dimensions. The movie delves into themes of mortality, morality, and the consequences of wielding unchecked authority. It showcases the extent to which Pinochet utilizes his astonishing longevity and supernatural abilities to manipulate and dominate those around him.

El Conde promises to be a visually stunning and thought-provoking movie that seamlessly blends historical fiction with supernatural elements. The intense and intricate character development ensures a captivating narrative that will keep viewers engaged from start to finish. Prepare to be fascinated by Pinochet's struggle with his own existence, as this dark tale explores the ultimate question of what lies beyond immortality.

Also Known As:

El Conde

Release Date:

15 Sep 2023


Guillermo Calderón, Pablo Larraín


1 nomination