Five Bedrooms
Five Bedrooms
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Five Bedrooms

Five different people at different times of their lives bond at a wedding after being seated together at the singles table. After a few too many drink...s, the solution to all of their problems seems to be buying a five-bedroom house... Show More


Five Bedrooms (2019–) is a heartwarming Australian television series that follows the lives of five individuals who, by chance, find themselves seated together at a wedding reception's singles table. As the evening progresses and drinks flow, they come up with an audacious plan to solve their individual problems by buying a five-bedroom house together.

The five main characters consist of Ainsley, a real estate agent struggling to move on from her failed marriage; Ben, a recovering gambling addict searching for stability; Liz, a successful doctor yearning for a family; Harry, an uptight accountant who dreams of a more spontaneous life; and Heather, a free spirit who needs a place to call home.

In a bold move, they decide to pool their resources and purchase a house. However, the challenges soon become clear as these strangers with vastly different personalities and lifestyles try to make the unconventional living arrangement work.

Five Bedrooms explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and finding a sense of belonging. With each episode, the group navigates the complexities of compromise, communication, and shared responsibility. Through laughter, tears, and unexpected twists, they forge a unique bond that helps them find a sense of solace and support in their new communal household.

Don't miss out on this delightful, heartwarming series that will leave you feeling uplifted and reminded of the importance of human connection.

Also Known As:

Five Bedrooms

Release Date:

15 May 2019


Christine Bartlett, Michael Lucas, Nathan Mayfield


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