Hannah Gadsby: Nanette
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Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Australian comic Hannah Gadsby reshapes standard stand-up by pairing punchlines with personal revelations on gender, sexuality and childhood turmoil.


Hannah Gadsby: Nanette is a ground-breaking stand-up comedy special that brings together humor and personal introspection like never before. Australian comic Hannah Gadsby takes the stage and fearlessly delves into topics such as gender, sexuality, and childhood trauma, blending punchlines with deeply poignant revelations.

In this thought-provoking show, Gadsby challenges the traditional boundaries of comedy, questioning the very nature of jokes and the role they play in perpetuating harmful stereotypes and cultural norms. Through her raw and unapologetic storytelling, she forces the audience to confront uncomfortable truths and reevaluate their perspectives.

Gadsby's performances are transformative and deeply moving, ensuring that viewers are not just entertained, but also educated and emotionally affected. Her intimate exploration of her own experiences as a queer woman and the challenges she has faced throughout her life gives the audience a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette is a game-changing comedy special that encourages viewers to reflect on societal issues beyond mere laughter. Gadsby's ability to seamlessly blend humor and vulnerability makes this show a must-watch for anyone seeking a thought-provoking and enlightening comedic experience.

Also Known As:

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Release Date:

19 Jun 2018


Hannah Gadsby


Won 1 Primetime Emmy. 4 wins & 5 nominations total