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Strange cravings and hallucinations befall a young couple after seeking shelter in the home of an aging farmer and her peculiar son.


In Honeydew, a chilling horror film released in 2020, a young couple finds themselves facing strange cravings and hallucinations when they seek shelter in the home of an elderly farmer and her peculiar son. The movie takes viewers on a terrifying journey as the couple's stay in the farmhouse becomes increasingly unnerving.

As the pair settles into their temporary abode, they become aware of something sinister lurking within the walls. Mysterious figures, disturbing sounds, and unusual occurrences begin to haunt them. With no escape in sight, they must confront the horrifying truth hidden within the farmhouse and uncover the dark secrets the farmer and her son are guarding.

Honeydew is an unsettling and atmospheric horror film that dives deep into psychological terror. It skillfully builds tension and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. The exceptional performances of the cast, particularly the couple portrayed by actors Barbara Kingsley and Sawyer Spielberg, deliver a sense of realism and vulnerability that enhances the overall chilling experience.

Directed and written by Devereux Milburn, this atmospheric horror film captivates audiences with its eerie atmosphere, disturbing visuals, and spine-chilling storyline. For those who enjoy psychological horror and suspenseful tales, Honeydew will undoubtedly deliver an unforgettable and unnerving cinematic experience.

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12 Mar 2021


Devereux Milburn, Dan Kennedy


3 nominations