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Depicts the events of the christian cult of Knutby in the early 2000's, taking place in a rural small town in Sweden.


Witness the haunting events of the Christian cult of Knutby in this gripping drama series set in rural Sweden in the early 2000s. From the acclaimed creator, [Creator's Name], comes a chilling true story that explores the depths of faith, manipulation, and the consequences of fanaticism.

Set in a tranquil small town, Knutby unravels the shocking tale of a charismatic pastor and his devoted followers. As their tight-knit community grows, an unsettling darkness lurks beneath the surface. The series delves into the intriguing dynamics of the cult, examining the power dynamics and psychological coercion that drive its members.

Peel back the layers of this disturbing saga as the town becomes embroiled in scandal and tragedy, shattering the illusion of peace. The escalating tension reaches a breaking point, leaving the community shattered and forever changed.

With its atmospheric setting and intense performances, Knutby draws viewers into a world of secrets, paranoia, and betrayal. This captivating drama series explores the limits of faith and the enduring impact of blind devotion.

Prepare to be enthralled by this gripping true story. Knutby is a chilling exploration of the lengths to which people will go in pursuit of their beliefs, and the devastating consequences that can result.

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01 Nov 2021


1 win & 4 nominations