Long Lost
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Long Lost

An invitation to an isolated mansion leads a young man to a surprise family reunion. As the hours tick on, the weekend spirals into all-consuming para...noia with the temptation of luxury and sexuality intermingling with treachery and taboo.

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Long Lost is a riveting psychological thriller that follows the story of Seth, who receives an intriguing invitation from his wealthy half-brother to spend the weekend at his secluded mansion in the countryside. Excited about reconnecting with his estranged sibling, Seth eagerly accepts the offer, bringing with him an air of curiosity and anticipation.

Once Seth arrives at the mansion, however, he quickly realizes that his decision to join his brother was a grave mistake. The atmosphere turns eerie and uncomfortable as he notices strange occurrences and unsettling behavior from both his brother and his girlfriend. Seth starts questioning the true motives behind the invitation and suspects that there may be ulterior motives at play.

As Seth delves deeper into the oddities surrounding his brother's life, he uncovers dark secrets and begins to question his own sanity. The eerie atmosphere, combined with the tension between the characters, builds a sense of unease and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Long Lost is a captivating thriller that explores themes of identity, family relationships, and the lengths individuals are willing to go to maintain their image. With skilled performances and a gripping narrative, this film will keep audiences guessing until the very end. Prepare for a suspenseful and thought-provoking experience that will leave you questioning reality and the bonds of family.

Also Known As:

Long Lost

Release Date:

29 Mar 2019


Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, Adam Weppler


19 wins & 16 nominations