Monster High: Endast för spöken!
Monster High: Endast för spöken!
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Monster High: Endast för spöken!

When Spectra Vondergeist goes back to her old ghost school to find out why Monster High is being haunted, the other ghouls use Boogey Sand to transfor...m into ghosts so they can follow her. There, they die-scover that spirits are lo... Show More


In the animated movie Monster High: Endast för spöken! (2015), Spectra Vondergeist, a ghost student, returns to her former ghost school to investigate the haunting happening at Monster High. Determined to help Spectra, her friends at Monster High transform into ghosts using Boogey Sand in order to join her in the investigation.

As they arrive at the ghost school, the group soon uncovers that spirits are causing havoc by stealing students' memories. In their quest to unravel the mystery, the ghouls encounter various challenges and unique ghostly creatures. Along the way, they learn more about the school's history and the origins of the haunting.

During their thrilling journey, the friends form bonds and rely on their individual strengths to overcome obstacles. Throughout the movie, themes of friendship, bravery, and self-discovery are highlighted, as the characters face their fears and navigate through a world inhabited by both monsters and ghosts.

As the ghouls approach the climax of their adventure, they must confront the mastermind behind the haunting and find a way to save the day. Will they succeed in stopping the spirits and solving the mystery before it's too late? Monster High: Endast för spöken! is an enchanting and spooky animated film that will captivate audiences of all ages.

Also Known As:

Monster High: Haunted

Release Date:

10 Mar 2015


Keith Wagner


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