Pojken i trädet
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Pojken i trädet

Gote is a young teen who seems to be at odds with his family and may not know his own mind that well either. Discontented and rebellious, Gote joins u...p with two mean-spirited game poachers in spite of the fact that he loves animal... Show More


Pojken i trädet (1961) is a compelling Swedish drama that follows the story of Gote, a young teenager who finds himself at odds with his own family and unsure of his true desires. Despite his love for animals, Gote becomes involved with two ruthless poachers, betraying his own values in the process.

Set in a picturesque Swedish village, the film captures the beauty of its surroundings, juxtaposed with the internal struggle faced by Gote. As he navigates the complexities of youth, Gote's rebellion takes him down a dangerous path, testing his morality and sense of self.

This coming-of-age tale explores themes of identity and the consequences of our choices, painting a vivid portrait of a young boy's journey towards self-discovery. Through its thought-provoking narrative and stunning cinematography, Pojken i trädet offers a poignant reflection on the conflicts that arise within us during adolescence.

With masterful storytelling and nuanced performances, the film presents a timeless tale that will resonate with audiences of all generations. Pojken i trädet is a profound exploration of personal growth and the challenges that come with finding one's place in the world, making it a must-watch for fans of compelling coming-of-age dramas.

Also Known As:

Pojken i trädet

Release Date:

25 Sep 1961


Arne Sucksdorff


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