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How would you react if your father's last wish was a little bit out there? For siblings Roz and Elli, it becomes a battleground for who will determine... their pop's final journey. Show More


Pops is a heartfelt and comedic film that follows the story of siblings Roz and Elli as they navigate their father's unconventional last wish. When their father passes away, he leaves behind a unique request that sends the siblings into a tumultuous journey of self-discovery and sibling rivalry.

As they attempt to honor their father's final wish, Roz and Elli find themselves at odds with each other, each wanting to take control of their pop's final journey. Their clashing personalities and conflicting ideas result in hilarious and touching moments that highlight the complexities of family dynamics.

Throughout the film, audiences will witness the growth and transformation of not only Roz and Elli but also their relationship with their father. The film explores themes of love, loss, and the importance of cherishing family bonds.

With its blend of heartfelt moments and comedic elements, Pops offers a captivating and relatable story that explores the universal themes of family and personal connections. Through the lens of Roz and Elli's journey, viewers will find themselves reflecting on their own relationships with their loved ones.

Join Roz and Elli on their emotional and amusing adventure as they navigate the ups and downs of their father's final wish in Pops.

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Release Date:

25 Jul 2021


Lewis Rose


4 wins & 13 nominations