Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost

The journey of some of Power's most controversial characters.


Power Book II: Ghost (2020–) is a gripping crime drama series that follows the lives of several notorious characters from the hit show Power. Set in the aftermath of the original series, the story revolves around Tariq St. Patrick, the son of the deceased drug lord James Ghost St. Patrick.

Tariq finds himself navigating a treacherous world as he tries to balance his ambition, his studies at an Ivy League university, and his involvement in his family's criminal empire. With his mother, Tasha, facing criminal charges for the murder of his father, Tariq is forced to rely on his own wits and cunning to secure his family's legacy while avoiding the clutches of the law.

As he becomes entangled with campus politics and a powerful new mentor, Tariq discovers that the consequences of his actions have far-reaching implications. Loyalties are tested, alliances are formed, and betrayal lurks around every corner, leaving Tariq to question who he can trust.

Power Book II: Ghost masterfully captures the high stakes and tension of the original series, while introducing new and compelling storylines. The show delves into the complex and morally ambiguous nature of its characters, challenging viewers to question their own notions of right and wrong.

With a talented ensemble cast, intricate plot twists, and intense drama, Power Book II: Ghost is a must-watch for fans of the original Power series and anyone seeking a thrilling crime saga.

Also Known As:

Power Book II: Ghost

Release Date:

06 Sep 2020


Courtney A. Kemp


9 wins & 8 nominations