Robinson Granslandet
Robinson Granslandet
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Robinson Granslandet

De deltagare som röstat ut från Robinson behöver inte nödvändigtvis åka hem. I Gränslandet har de en chans att ta sig tillbaka till tävlingen.


Robinson Gränslandet is an exciting reality TV show that offers an incredible twist to the popular Robinson format. In this thrilling spin-off, the eliminated participants from the main show get a chance to fight their way back into the competition.

The premise of Robinson Gränslandet revolves around a group of contestants who have been voted off the main show, but instead of going home, they are sent to an isolated and challenging location known as Gränslandet. Here, they are given an opportunity to prove themselves and earn their way back into the competition.

In Gränslandet, the contestants face a series of grueling physical and mental challenges that test their endurance, strategic thinking, and ability to work in a team. The stakes are high as each participant strives to outperform the others and secure their spot back in Robinson.

This intense and action-packed show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness the determination and willpower of the eliminated contestants to make a triumphant comeback. The stunning landscapes and demanding tasks make for a visually captivating experience that immerses the audience in the deserted beauty of Gränslandet.

Get ready to witness the ultimate battle of survival as these determined individuals fight against all odds in Robinson Gränslandet. Will they be able to prove themselves and earn their way back into the main competition? Tune in to find out who will emerge victorious in this thrilling reality TV show.