Så mycket roligare
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Så mycket roligare

Sweden's biggest celebrities swarm between the Swedish folk favorite program - stuck in funeral vintage.


In Så mycket roligare (2017–2018), Sweden's beloved celebrities find themselves caught in a hilarious yet unforeseen scenario. This popular TV program brings together some of the country's most well-known stars and immerses them in a nostalgic funeral-themed setting. The show transports its famous participants back in time to a vintage funeral parlor as they entertain each other and the viewers with their unique antics.

Så mycket roligare makes sure to keep the audience laughing as the celebrities showcase their comedic talents and engage in light-hearted banter. With Sweden's favorite folk songs playing in the background, the show creates a delightful blend of music and humor. The celebrities navigate their way through funeral-related challenges and participating in quirky funeral-themed skits, embracing the unexpected theme with great enthusiasm.

This entertaining series serves as a delightful escape for viewers as they witness their favorite celebrities embracing the unconventional setting. From popular singers to renowned actors, the show brings together a diverse group of personalities who manage to generate countless laughs and create a heartwarming atmosphere.

Så mycket roligare provides a unique and humorous take on the traditional funeral setting, showcasing the comedic brilliance of Sweden's biggest stars. With its lively blend of music, laughter, and unexpected situations, this TV program promises to keep audiences entertained and engaged throughout its run.

Also Known As:

Så mycket roligare

Release Date:

26 Mar 2017