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Swedish celebrities Jocke & Jonna's journey exploring well-known haunted places around Sweden and Europe


Spökjakt (2019–2024) is a thrilling and captivating Swedish documentary series that follows the adventurous journey of Swedish celebrities Jocke and Jonna as they explore various haunted locations in Sweden and Europe. With their unmatched courage and curiosity, Jocke and Jonna delve into the mysterious and spine-chilling world of the paranormal.

This captivating series takes viewers on a spine-tingling adventure to well-known haunted places, as Jocke and Jonna aim to uncover the truth behind the supernatural occurrences and unexplained phenomena in these eerie locations. From abandoned mansions to haunted castles, every episode promises to bring chills down your spine.

Throughout the series, Jocke and Jonna immerse themselves in the history and legends surrounding these haunted places, uncovering fascinating and eerie stories that have given these locations their reputation. With state-of-the-art ghost-hunting equipment and a team of experts, they attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for the truth.

Spökjakt is a gripping combination of adventure, suspense, and history, offering a unique and thrilling viewing experience for fans of the paranormal. Join Jocke and Jonna as they venture into the unknown, facing their fears and unraveling the secrets hidden within the haunted walls of these notorious places. Are you ready for the spine-chilling journey?

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13 Dec 2019


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