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A millennial in London is juggling two dead-end jobs and navigating the awkward morning-after-the-night-before when she discovers the complications of... accidentally sleeping with a film star. Show More


Starstruck is a delightful romantic comedy series set in London. The story revolves around a young millennial who finds herself torn between two dead-end jobs while trying to navigate the embarrassment of waking up next to a famous film star after a night of passion.

Our protagonist, Jessie, leads a mundane life until she unknowingly becomes involved with the charming and charismatic actor, Tom. Their unexpected encounter leads to a whirlwind of events that challenge Jessie's life as she knows it. Throughout the series, viewers will be captivated by the hilarious and often awkward situations Jessie finds herself in as she tries to maintain her sense of self amidst the chaos of dating a celebrity.

Starstruck not only offers a fresh take on the romantic comedy genre, but it also explores important themes such as the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. The series showcases the vibrant city of London as a backdrop, creating a visually stunning experience for viewers.

With its clever writing, relatable characters, and endearing performances, Starstruck is the perfect binge-worthy series for those seeking a lighthearted and entertaining escape. Prepare to be charmed by the delightful chemistry between the lead characters and join Jessie on her journey of self-discovery in the face of unexpected fame and romance.

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10 Jun 2021


Rose Matafeo


Nominated for 1 BAFTA Award1 win & 3 nominations total