The Brokenwood Mysteries
The Brokenwood Mysteries
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The Brokenwood Mysteries

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd arrives on assignment in Brokenwood, a small town where memories - and animosities - run deep.


Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is assigned to the small town of Brokenwood, where he must tackle a series of mysterious and puzzling crimes. The town is filled with deep-rooted memories and lingering animosities, making each case more complex and intriguing.

As Shepherd delves into the cases, he uncovers a web of secrets and hidden motives that keep him and the audience guessing until the very end. With his sharp wit and unconventional methods, Shepherd is determined to bring justice to the tight-knit community.

The Brokenwood Mysteries is a thrilling crime series that combines compelling storylines with a touch of humor. Each episode presents a new mystery for Shepherd and his team to solve, with unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers engaged and guessing.

The show is known for its unique setting and well-developed characters, adding depth and authenticity to the gripping plotlines. With stunning New Zealand landscapes as the backdrop, viewers are immersed in the rich and atmospheric world of Brokenwood.

With its blend of crime, drama, and comedy, The Brokenwood Mysteries offers an addictive viewing experience that will captivate fans of detective series. Will Shepherd uncover the truth behind each crime? Tune in to find out.

Also Known As:

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Release Date:

28 Sep 2014


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