The Only Way Out
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The Only Way Out

Six years after the fire in the nightclub, which her husband died in, Ana Kolar gets closure with judge's verdict marking it as accident. However, one... e-mail will make her question what really happened that night and was her husband really the person she thought he was.

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The Only Way Out is a gripping thriller that explores the aftermath of a tragic nightclub fire six years ago, leading protagonist Ana Kolar on a quest for truth and justice. Ana's husband perished in the fire, and she has since been seeking closure for his untimely death. The judge's recent ruling categorizes the incident as an accident, finally providing Ana with the closure she has longed for.

However, everything changes when Ana receives an unexpected email that casts doubt on the true nature of her husband's character and the events of that fateful night. This revelation sends her on a relentless search for answers, delving deep into the shadows of her husband's past.

As Ana unravels the truth, she discovers shocking secrets and a web of deceit that challenges everything she thought she knew about her husband. In this thrilling tale of mistaken identities and hidden agendas, Ana must confront her own vulnerabilities and decide who she can trust.

The Only Way Out is a suspenseful and tension-filled ride that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With captivating performances and a compelling storyline, this film highlights the complexity of relationships and the lengths one woman will go to uncover the truth. Will Ana find justice for her husband's death, or will she become entangled in a dangerous game of deception? Tune in to find out.

Also Known As:

The Only Way Out

Release Date:

01 Nov 2022


Marko Popovic


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