The Saint
The Saint
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The Saint

Simon Templar (The Saint), is a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on t...oppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret. Show More


The Saint is a thrilling action-packed film, released in 1997, that centers around Simon Templar. He is a highly skilled thief who accepts jobs for hire. In this gripping story, Simon's latest assignment involves stealing the top-secret process for cold fusion. Little does he know, this task will ultimately pit him against a dangerous traitor determined to overthrow the Russian government. Additionally, he finds himself entangled with the woman who holds the key to this valuable secret.

As the plot unfolds, Simon becomes immersed in a gripping cat-and-mouse game, evading capture while trying to achieve his mission. Along the way, he showcases his remarkable abilities, utilizing disguises, gadgets, and not to mention a vast array of impressive skills. With each twist and turn, the tension builds, leaving the audience on the edge of their seat.

The Saint is a true action-packed spectacle that showcases Simon's intelligence, resourcefulness, and daring escapades. With stunning visuals and intense sequences, this film keeps viewers thoroughly entertained and engaged throughout its duration.

Join Simon on this thrilling adventure as he battles against a traitor and races against the clock to secure the secret process. Will he succeed in his mission and save the day? Tune in to find out in this electrifying action film.

Also Known As:

The Saint

Release Date:

04 Apr 1997


Leslie Charteris, Jonathan Hensleigh, Wesley Strick


1 win & 2 nominations