Thirteen Days
Thirteen Days
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Thirteen Days

In October 1962, the Kennedy administration struggles to contain the Cuban Missile Crisis.


In the movie Thirteen Days (2000), set in October 1962, the Kennedy administration faces a harrowing challenge while attempting to control the escalating Cuban Missile Crisis. This historical drama, directed by Roger Donaldson, depicts the thirteen intense days when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear war.

As tensions rise, President John F. Kennedy and his advisors, including Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Special Assistant Kenneth P. O'Donnell, engage in a race against time to prevent a catastrophic nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union. The gripping story unfolds as the United States identifies Soviet nuclear missile sites in Cuba, just 90 miles from American shores.

The film emphasizes the internal struggles within the Kennedy administration, highlighting the differing opinions and approaches to resolving the crisis. President Kennedy grapples with various options, including a full-scale military invasion of Cuba or a diplomatic resolution. The movie expertly captures the immense pressure, high-stakes decision-making, and the emotional toll it takes on those involved.

Thirteen Days leaves viewers at the edge of their seats, showcasing the complex and gravely dangerous situation faced by the world during this critical historical event. With its thought-provoking screenplay and powerful performances by Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, and Steven Culp, the movie provides an insightful and riveting account of one of the most perilous moments in history.

Get ready to witness the real-life events that unfolded during the Cuban Missile Crisis in this tense and historically accurate film Thirteen Days. Experience the high-stakes decision-making, intense negotiations, and the race against time to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Directed by Roger Donaldson and featuring Kevin Costner, this gripping drama brings to life the internal struggles within the Kennedy administration as they grapple with the impending threat of nuclear war. Can they navigate through the complex web of political challenges and make the right choices to avert disaster? Revisit this critical moment in history as this thrilling film unravels the true story of thirteen days that changed the world forever. Strap in for a gripping and thought-provoking ride as Thirteen Days reveals the untold battles fought behind closed doors and the courage it took to stand up against the Soviet Union. Don't miss out on this powerful account of an unforgettable chapter in history.

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Thirteen Days

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12 Jan 2001


David Self, Ernest R. May, Philip D. Zelikow


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