Top Dog
Top Dog
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Top Dog

A mysterious disappearance makes two completely separate worlds collide, creating an extremely odd couple - the lawyer Emily and recently released con...vict Teddy. Show More


Top Dog is a captivating and quirky crime thriller that follows two unlikely partners who are thrown together by a peculiar circumstance. When a baffling disappearance rocks their individual worlds, lawyer Emily and freshly liberated ex-convict Teddy find their paths entwined in an unexpected journey.

Emily, a sharp and accomplished lawyer, leads a busy life immersed in her high-profile cases and demanding career. On the other hand, Teddy, recently released from prison, grapples with readjusting to society while trying to leave his criminal past behind.

As Emily and Teddy reluctantly team up to solve the puzzling disappearance, their clashing personalities and backgrounds provide a comedic touch to this unconventional alliance. While Emily's legal expertise offers critical insights, Teddy's street smarts and intricate knowledge of the criminal underworld prove invaluable in unwrapping the intricate layers of the case.

Their investigation takes them through a dazzling maze of twists and turns, unraveling a web of secrets and unexpected revelations. As the stakes rise, Emily and Teddy must overcome their differences and learn to trust each other if they hope to uncover the truth.

Top Dog is an exciting and entertaining ride that combines elements of drama, comedy, and mystery. With each episode, viewers are drawn deeper into this odd yet fascinating partnership, filled with surprises and unexpected camaraderie.

Also Known As:

Top Dog

Release Date:

29 May 2020


1 win & 1 nomination