Turn of the Tide
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Turn of the Tide

Four friends whose lives changed forever with the arrival of a ton of cocaine.


In the 2023 film Turn of the Tide, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey following the lives of four friends whose lives take an unexpected turn after the arrival of a massive amount of cocaine. Set against a backdrop of a vibrant coastal town, the film delves into the consequences of their newfound fortune.

The story explores the impact of the cocaine on their relationships, morals, and personal growth, as their lives quickly spiral out of control. The friends must navigate through the treacherous world of drugs and crime, facing dangerous adversaries and their own inner demons.

As tensions rise and unexpected betrayals occur, the group is forced to make difficult decisions that will forever change the course of their lives.

Turn of the Tide combines elements of a thrilling crime drama with character-driven storytelling, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With breathtaking visuals and a gripping narrative, this film explores themes of loyalty, desperation, and the impact of temptation.

Directed by a talented filmmaker, Turn of the Tide showcases remarkable performances from its ensemble cast, bringing to life the complex and flawed characters.

Prepare yourself for a suspenseful and unpredictable ride as Turn of the Tide takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, reminding us that even the most seemingly innocent choices can have life-altering consequences.

Also Known As:

Turn of the Tide

Release Date:

26 May 2023


Augusto Fraga