Unleashing the Dragon
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Unleashing the Dragon

"Unleashing the Dragon" offers an inside look at the world's largest sports event, the Indianapolis 500. Join Marcus Ericsson, the second Swedish driv...er to ever win the prestigious race, and former teammate James Hinchcliffe as they relive the excitement of Ericsson's historic 2022 victory. Through never-before-shared insights, Ericsson takes you on his journey to victory lane, revealing the challenges he and his team faced along the way. From the intense competition on the track to the intricate strategies off it, "Unleashing the Dragon" offers a unique look into the world of motor sports and the making of a champion.
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Unleashing the Dragon takes viewers behind the scenes of the illustrious Indianapolis 500, uncovering the intense competition and intricate strategies that make it the world's largest sports event. The documentary follows Marcus Ericsson, the second Swedish driver to ever win the prestigious race, as he relives the excitement of his historic victory in 2022. Joined by his former teammate James Hinchcliffe, Ericsson provides never-before-shared insights into his journey to victory lane.

The film offers a unique perspective on the world of motor sports and the making of a champion. It delves into the challenges that Ericsson and his team faced, both on and off the track, in their pursuit of greatness. Audiences will witness the high-stakes moments of the race and gain a deeper understanding of the strategic decisions made by the drivers and their teams.

Unleashing the Dragon serves as a captivating exploration of the Indianapolis 500, shedding light on the intense competition, the determination of the drivers, and the relentless pursuit of victory. Whether you're a devoted fan of motor sports or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes workings of such a prestigious event, this documentary offers a riveting and enlightening experience.

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Unleashing the Dragon

Release Date:

20 May 2023